Sheldon Lavin Journey In OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin serves as the Chairman and CEO of food processing giants, OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin has been in the food processing industry for more than 40 years. He has specialized in the meat industry where he has brought numerous positive changes. He is, therefore, a guru is this sector that few entrepreneurs think of investing in.

Sheldon Lavin has been at the helm of OSI Group leadership for an extended period. He joined the company when they were in the process of expanding their meat company to increase the supplies. This was after OSI Group got a contract from McDonald’s to supply them with meat. When he joined OSI Group, it was not as big as it is today. In fact, much of their development can be directly attributed to the enormous input of Sheldon Lavin. Today, they have established themselves in 17 countries. They have set about 80 new functional facilities in these countries that have employed more than 20,000 workers.

Sheldon did not start as a CEO when he joined OSI Group. He began as a consultant and impressed the owners with his expertise in management. In 1975, Sheldon became more involved in running the company as a partner. This was accompanied by the expansion of OSI Group’s market in other continents such as Europe, South America, and Asia. His influence at OSI Group grew further in the early 1980s after he entirely purchased the company. He continued to manage it effectively, and it grew further to become on the world’s most reputable institution in the meat industry. His fair and reasonable treatment of employees has them a close-knit family, and as a result, there are very few who leave before retirement. He was previously a banker, and this is where he learned the practical management skills that he deploys.

Sheldon Lavin is a very philanthropic individual who never hesitates to help the less fortunate in the society. He has donated large amounts of his vast wealth to numerous charity organizations such as the Jewish United Fund, the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The list of the charity organizations that he has helped as well as individuals are inexhaustible.

Sheldon has also received numerous individual accolades for his great work in OSI Group. The company has also received a large number of awards. Most of these awards recognize the company for putting efforts to ensure environmental cleanliness is maintained. It has also been recommended for creating job opportunities that have helped many unemployed youths.

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Dr. David Samadi Explores How STDs May Trigger Cancerous Prostate Cells

Scientists are pretty sure that STDs boost the growth rate of cancerous prostate cells. According to urology expert, Dr. David Samadi, sexually active men must practice safe sex. Clinical studies reveal that ehe sexually transmitted disease, trichomonas vaginalis, trigger inflammatory reactions that could promote cancer growth.Another point of concern is that this particular STD is usually asymptomatic, and often goes unnoticed, but clinical studies confirm men with a Trichomonas infection are more than two times more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer.

What Is Trichomonas Vaginalis?

Trichomonas vaginalis is a parasite . This means that the small organism uses humans as hosts , feeds on them, and colonizes them for reproduction. The pathogen lives anaerobically, not requiring an oxygenated environment for its growth. It’s one of the most common STDs in the world, and the trichomonads are found primarily under the foreskin, in the prostate or in the urethra. If no treatment is applied, the disease usually goes into a chronic phase. Although it is not a life-threatening disease, doctors have long associated it with ovarian cancer, and now research confirms how this infection makes men much more vulnerable to prostate cancer.Scientists cay the parasite Trichomonas Vaginalis releases a protein causing inflammation in the prostate that speeds up the growth of cancerous cells.

Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi wrote another piece titled “Preventing & Understanding Prostatitis,” which is published on his prostate cancer 911 blog, and explains how bacterial infections and STDs can impact the prostate.Of particular concern is taking preventative measures to diminish risk, says Dr. Samadi, and if any symptoms are present, consulting an experienced doctor.Dr. David Samadi is considered an international authority on urologic diseases, with a specialty in prostate cancer. He is also an expert in male reproductive health. His clinical interests have been focused on laparoscopic and robotic surgery for nearly two decades. Dr. Samadi is a medical correspondent for Fox News, has a radio broadcast where he answers questions, and offers his professional advice, and is a medical expert on his weekend show, Sunday Housecall, which airs at 12:30p on Sundays.Don’t miss an opportunity to learn more about prostate health. Visit Dr. David Samadi’s blog and his Facebook page to keep up with the latest news and developments.

Safik Sachedina And The Ismaili Institute

The Shafik Sachedina holds the position of personal representative of the spiritual leader of the Aga Khan IV. Nizari, the largest branch of Ismaili Shii Muslims are the second-largest group of Shia Islam. The Ismaili teachings emphasize reasoning and the combined use of the Quran and the Hadith. They strongly embrace racial, ethnic, cultural, intra-religious differences and social justice. The leader of Ismaili muslims is the Imam or the Aga Khan. The Institute of Ismaili Studies is located in London, United Kingdom. It is dedicated to the promotion of the study of Muslim groups, their cultures and societies. The goal is to encourage a greater understanding of how relations with other faiths and societies can positively interact.

As the Aga Khan Representative, Shafik Sachedina must perform certain duties. Recently, on October 2017, he and a delegation from the Aga Khan Foundation met with the Russian Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov to discuss the Russian involvement in the peaceful resolution of the fighting in Syria and Afghanistan. Two of the main focuses of their discussion was the fight against terrorism and extremism. Their aim was to establish a negotiating process between the Syrian Arab Republic and its opposition. According to a political solution to the Syrian crisis in keeping with UN Security Council’s Resolution 2254 was the ultimate goal.

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The Institute of Ismaili Studies has a library which houses the largest known collection of Ismaili codices on the planet. Because it offers such a treasure trove of Ismaili history and knowledge, it can offer two graduate programs to its students: the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) and the Graduate Program in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH).

Safik Sachedina is also a board member of the Ismaili Institute. It is his job to oversee the activities of the Institute. The Aga Khan gives the direction that the other members follow and Sachedina insures those guidelines are followed properly. He is also involved in creating budgets for the institution and coordinating the national bodies of the Ismaili Institute alongside and with the guidance of the Imam: bodies are local, regional and national.

Modern Ismaili studies first began in the 1930’s in South Asia when long lost manuscripts were found. The Institute of Ismaili Studies Library was started in 1979. The late Aga Khan III campaigned starting as early as 1896 for the Muslims’ need for a Central University. It was to be a place where religion and learning could cohabitate and be safeguarded from imitating other similarly founded schools. He had hoped the students would be instilled with truthfulness and independence of thought as they gained higher learning in the history of Islamic civilization.

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Whitney Wolfe Changes Social Media With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is doing some great things in the world of technology apps, and people are excited to know what she is going to do next. Many people were not aware that she was going to get married. This was one of the things that took so many people off guard. It was interesting to see the entrepreneur that appears to have been highly busy with getting other people in touch with their soulmates to find time to connect with her own.There has not been a lot of talk about who fiancé turned groom Michael Herd was, but the marriage to him has revealed that he is a successful entrepreneur. He is an oil tycoon that is also a restaurant owner. He seems to juggle a busy life, and this appears to be someone that has a personality that is similar to the ever so busy Whitney Wolfe. She has been on a great winning streak with social media apps, and her star can only rise from this point.

For the longest time Bumble has been the app that she has been known for within the last several years. Now she is taking things to a new level by creating a platform for people to network and build a greater amount of communication.Whitney Wolfe knows what she is doing when it comes to app technology, and she wants to create a whole new vibe for anyone that is trying to maximize their connections with other business professionals for like-minded individuals. This is not always easy, but an app can make this so much easier. All of the people that have been trying to build their networks will no longer have to scan parties and attend social events just to make a connection.

Now people can connect with other like-minded individuals through the comfort of their homes.Whitney Wolfe is using this app technology to change the way that people see the concept of networking. She is on the ground level with this, and lots of people are taking interest in what she is doing. She has shown herself to be a great leader in the world of groundbreaking technology with Bumble, and there is no shortage of innovation with Bumble extensions like Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. Whitney Wolfe is proving that she still has a very interesting outtake on app technology that is different from the mainstream.


The Rise Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco With Bradesco Bank

The rise of Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an interesting story to read. Luiz Carlos Trabuco hails from Marilia, Sao Paolo, Brazil. His rise to the corporate world has been made possible by the education that he received as a young boy. For his undergraduate studies, Luiz Carlos Trabuco studied at the School of sciences, philosophy, and literature of Sao Paolo. Since he finished school in 1969, he has worked with a number of institutions including Banco Bradesco.

He joined the institution in late 1969. Since then, he has managed to hold all executive positions in the company during his steady rise. However, notable appointments happened in January 1984 when he was made a department director in the organization. 14 years later, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed as the managing officer of the company. March 1999 saw him become an executive vice president of Banco Bradesco. In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was elected as the chief executive officer of the company. This is a position that he has held since then.

Over a year ago, Bradesco held a meeting that was aimed at raising the retirement age of a chief executive officer. Prior to this meeting, a chief executive was supposed to retire at the age of 65 years. With Luiz Carlos Trabuco fast approaching this age, the company unanimously agreed to extend the retirement age to 67 years. This meant that Luiz Carlos Trabuco could be the chief executive of the company until 2018. The company announced that they wished to hold on a little to the expertise of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The company also agreed that they would choose his replacement in the next three years. At the moment, the company was involved in the acquisition of HSBC Holdings for $5.2 billion. Because of the amount of money changing hands, the deal had to be investigated by the Brazil antitrust watchdog. Under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, nothing could have gone wrong, and the deal was approved by the watchdog.


Other than the role of a CEO with Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco holds other roles. He happens to be a managing body member as well as the managing director of the Fundacao Bradesco. This is an affiliate company of the Bradesco Bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is also involved with another institution called Foundation Institute for Digestive System and Nutritional Diseases where he acts as a managing director and as a member of the board of directors.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is also an active executive of the Brazilian Federation of Bank Association as a board member. At the same time, he is involved with the Fundo Garantidor de Creditos as a board member. Other than these organizations, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is involved with a number of other institutions such as Sao Polo Association of Insurance, Plan Association as well as National Academy of Insurance. In the past, he has also worked with Bradesco Seguros as the chief executive officer between 2003 and 2009. He has also served as the chief executive officer and president of a number of institutions such as National Private Pension Plan, Marketing and Capitalization Committee of Brazilian Association as well as International Affairs Committee of Superintendence of Private Insurance.

During his reign as the chief executive officer of Bradesco, the company has experienced unprecedented growth and success. He has also seen the bank expand to other parts of the world beyond Brazil. Cities where the bank has developed subsidiaries under his leadership include Grand Cayman, New York, Mexico City, Tokyo as well as Buenos Aires. The bank has also opened subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Luxemburg and London. Under his leadership, the bank is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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George Soros: The Greatest Philanthropist The World Has Ever Known

George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist who is looking to change the world through his efforts. As one of the most successful investors in the world, he has earned $25.2 billion and is counted as one of the 30 most rich people on Earth. He has donated more than $12 billion to this day and his money has gone to help organizations and people worldwide who are working to have the right of freedom of expression, transparency and accountability in government, and equality and justice for everyone. His donations have also helped people who deal with discrimination solely because of who they are, and among these are LGBTI people, sex workers, drug users, as well as Europe’s Roma people.

George Soros is partially motivated to help people who are discriminated against because he faced discrimination himself when he was younger. As a man who was born in 1930, he lived during the Nazi occupation during 1944-1945, which saw the senseless murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. By gaining access to false identity papers, which hid their background, his own Jewish family survived the atrocities of those times, and they also helped others to do the same. He believes that people should not sit by idly but that they should resist evil and evil doers at all costs.George firmly believes in the idea that no single government, ideology, or philosophy should be the final say on what is true and what isn’t and that all people deserve the right to freely express themselves and govern themselves. He has written that in today’s world, it is no longer communism that is a threat, but it is capitalism that poses the greatest danger, which threatens true democracy in every way. It is George’s feeling that when a person or organization has made way more money than it needs, that it should support others who are less fortunate.

It is in this vein that he has set up his own foundation, which has helped a great number of individuals in the world.It was 1979 when George Soros began his first philanthropic pursuit by offering scholarships to black South Africans when apartheid was occurring. During the 80’s, in the Communist Eastern Bloc, he helped to sponsor the open exchange of ideas, which was a revolutionary idea at the time, and after the Berlin Wall came down, he started up the Central European University to focus on critical thinking. At that time the Soviet Union had nothing even close to this in their universities. During the Cold War, he helped to promote democratic societies in Africa, the United States, and Asia that believe in accountability in government and trasparency.George Soros continues, to this day, to help people all over the world gain their independence and be free of bigotry, racism, and cruelty.

Richard Blair an Icon For Wealth Solutions

Riches Solutions is a go to for sound ventures and riches arrangements. Richard Blair, who is an enlisted venture consultant and organizer at Wealth Solutions, trusts that everybody needs a strong course of action, in which that will in any case enable them to fulfill the greater part of their money related objectives. By fulfilling this, Blair endeavors to give riches administration administrations, alongside retirement making arrangements for his customers. Richard is exceptionally experienced and qualified, alongside effectively finished confirmations to move down his field of skill. Affirmations including; CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS. Working with Richard, a hefty portion of his customers observe him to be incredibly ingenious with regards to organization, and also a counsel. Riches Solutions enlisted venture consultative firm is situated in the Austin, Texas zone, where they offer the most elite administrations to ensuring and dealing with their customer’s benefits. Learn more:


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions entirely takes after what they call a three-column approach, in which enables them to rapidly learn and comprehend the money related condition of their customer’s circumstance, and additionally their retirement needs. Being that every customer is unique, Wealth Solutions additionally likes to make full tweaked plans for each of their customers. Column one is intended to enable customers to draw out their money related guide, in which recognizes the customer’s qualities, objectives, chance resistance, and development openings. Column two is intended to grow a long haul technique that works for customer in light of their speculation needs, and Pillar three is the place Richard meets the protection needs of the customer. With all of Wealth Solutions achievement, they are perched on an income of $1.4 million. Learn more:


Richard Blair has not just established this organization into an extraordinary achievement, he likewise has more to feel finished, with having more than 20 years of involvement in the money related administrations industry. Prior to the establishing of Wealth Solutions, Richard first got his Bachelor’s in Finance at the University of Houston. He likewise did some wandering off into the universe of money related administrations in the year 1993 and established the organization, Wealth Solutions in 1994. Richard’s principle objective is to have a positive and important effect for the lives of others, people, and entrepreneurs. Richard realized that helping individuals in ventures and money related arranging would be an extraordinary vocation to go up against from when he encountered at firsthand of his affection for instructing. He has dependably been into the instruction world, alongside his mom, spouse, and grandma being educators. That is the point at which he chose to join his showing knowledge with his normal ability in back. Learn more:


Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC, was considered an outsider when he entered the food service industry nearly half a century ago. Now a titan in the meat industry, Mr. Lavin found first success in a very different career that, through a combination of hard work and business acumen, led him to the world that he currently sits atop. During his time as an executive at OSI Group, Mr. Lavin has spearheaded a successful growth plan that has taken his company from a small upstart to an industry leader over the course of several decades. Under his watch, OSI Group has built steadily upon the initial partnership that he helped to broker between, what was then referred to as Otto and Sons, and fast food leader McDonald’s Corporation.

OSI Group currently employs nearly 20,000 people across the globe. Many of OSI Group’s vast number of employees have been with the company for a substantial amount of years, and that continued rate of low turnover is usually credited to Mr. Lavin’s continued push for a family-first environment on every level. Prior to taking his foray in the food services industry, Sheldon Lavin had already been a successful investor, holding a high ranking executive position in the banking industry, while also heading a lucrative financial investment firm. It wasn’t until 1970 that Mr. Lavin became increasingly more involved with the day to day business dealings at Otto and Sons, eventually becoming a full-time executive at Otto and Sons by the middle part of the decade, and later spearheading the company’s rapid expansion in the 1980’s.

Sheldon Lavin is now 81 years old and spends the majority of his time leading the way OSI Group and continuing his winning tradition. Mr. Lavin has received a myriad of awards for his company’s triumphs, and philanthropic efforts.

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