William Saito: The Man Following His Dream Of Making A Difference In Cybersecurity

William Saito is an expert when it comes to cybersecurity who has worked with various companies and governments, particularly the government of Japan. He is someone who has emerged in the industry as an entrepreneur, visionary and someone who works hard to better the technology that is being used in our daily lives. Since he first started his career, he has worked with a number of projects about technology, with a wide range of companies. Some of the sectors that he has worked with during his career include banking, finance, healthcare and many more. He lives by the idea that technology can truly make a difference in people’s lives. However, there are always the threats that people face when they are making use of the internet and other forms of technology.

With cybersecurity being the primary field that Saito focuses on, he actively tries to implement solutions that could safeguard the information, and in turn, the lives of people using these technological resources. With newer technological innovations being introduced every single day, the need for proper cybersecurity is immense, which is what Saito has been working to implement.

Since a young age, Saito has always been interested in technology and computer-based programs, which he started working around by the time he was in school. When he reached high school, he began working for a number of small business, offering them self-coded software that could improve the work that they did. However, he didn’t think back then that one day his love for computers would take him up the corporate ladder and make him an incredibly well-known name in the industry.

Once Saito had reached college, his work was being recognized by more prominent and more prominent international companies. Whilst being a part of a pre-med degree, Saito regularly offered his expertise to a number of clients. Over time, he developed some software for companies across the world. It was during this time that Saito realized that he was getting more interested in the specialized field of information security, which is eventually the path that he took.

After selling their main software to Microsoft in 2000, Saito knew that he wanted to have a different experience in the world of cybersecurity. With his parents being immigrants from Japan, he knew that Tokyo would be a good place for him to find the experiences that he was looking for. He started to explore the cybersecurity scene in Tokyo and sound found it to be a lot more engaging than the one in Silicon Valley, which is why he eventually moved to Japan and started working there.

Saito’s journey then led him onto various ventures and projects that he undertook, which made him the person that he is today.

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