Securus Technologies – Assisting Law Enforcement Officers with their Job

Securus Technologies is a prison technology firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and have regional offices in Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta. The prison technology and inmate communication services offered by the company are known to be far more superior to what its counterparts offer. Moreover, the company’s services are highly cost-effective and don’t pinch its customers, whether it is law enforcement agencies or the inmates. The primary aim of Securus Technologies since the time of its inception has been to transform and modernize the incarceration experience. And, it has been able to achieve its objective to a great extent by offering ground-breaking products and services, which was unthinkable a few years back.


One of the new services the company launched is the video visitation service. It would allow the family and friends of the inmates to communicate with each other through a smart device. It would be video cum voice communication means that would reduce the hassles of the family to visit all the way to the prison facility to see their loved one in the jail. Such services are becoming highly popular among the inmates as it allows them not only to talk but also see their loved ones. It is a great stress reliever, and as per the many analysts, it has also contributed to reducing the crime rate in prison.


Securus Technologies releases press releases from time to time to let the investors and customers know what the company is up to. Recently, it showcased a series of letters from the law enforcement officers in a press release to let know the industry what the law enforcement personnel feel about the company’s products and services. The law enforcement officers have mentioned about the advanced services and products of Securus Technologies, and how it helps them catch the criminals quickly and safely stop the crime.


Modernized Kabbalah and celebrities

Traditionally, Kabbalah is a religious practice that is set aside for a certain group. This Jewish practice has previously only been designated for Jews that are over the age of 40. Thanks to the late Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife, non-Jewish individuals are able to get introduced to religious practice through the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles

Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife simplified some of the Kabbalah concepts, making it easier for non-Jewish individuals to comprehend it in the following: click here.

Thanks to Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife, celebrities were able to adapt the teachings of Kabbalah centre to their lives and find peace and or purpose. Celebrities such as Madonna revealed that the religious practice helped her to understand that she was put on the earth to help people and she does so by spreading the teaching of Kabbalah. Madonna is not the only celebrity that have benefited from Kabbalah. Marilyn Monroe grew up in a Christian household but never felt that that religion was for her. According to reports Monroe was drawn to Judaism and as a result she converted under the supervision of Rabbi Robert Goldburg.

Unfortunately, not every celebrity that came in contact with the religious practice took their experience seriously. Brittany Spears was introduced to the religion through Madonna. For a brief period in time, Spears read Kabbalah material and meditated on the practices. Though she had an interest in the Kabbalah practices she later stated that she saw it as a fad that she could pick back up in the future if she needed.

The Kabbalah Centre, based in Los Angeles is a place where non-Jewish individuals can become introduced to the Kabbalah teachings. The focus of Kabbalah Center is not to create a platform in order to scholarly studies this ancient wisdom but to share principles that can help to create a better life and world.

The Kabbalah Centre welcomes individuals from different religions and ethnic groups. Even the teachers at the center come in a variety of backgrounds, races, and ethnic groups. For individuals that would like to get started with learning the Kabbalah ancient wisdom, the Kabbalah Centre is a great place to start.

David Giertz Wants All Clients To Learn About Social Security

Investment clients who work with someone such as David Giertz will begin to learn about Social Security. Someone who is investing for the future will find that they must plan to use Social Security to their advantage, and they will learn from those such as David how to help themselves. This article shows how David Giertz wants all his clients to learn about Social Security as they invest.

#1: How Does Social Security Work?

Anyone who is paying into Social Security will find that they have options when they want to invest
with David Giertz. They will have money coming in when they are living on their retirement investments, and they may earmark their Social Security money for investments. Sending this money to a particular place for a particular purpose will help diversify investments for all seniors.

#2: Do Not Collect Social Security Passively

Merely cashing Social Security checks is something that wastes the money and the resources of the investor on Someone who wishes to use Social Security must send it to their investment advisor, and they may ask them to put the money in places that may multiple the money. Someone who wants to start this process may ask their broker, and they may earn quite a lot of money.

#3: Investing In Diverse Things

Someone who is following advice from a broker about Social Security may invest in diverse things on Each choice that is made will help clients have more money in the coffers for a long life.

There are many people who are counting on brokers such as David Giertz for help with their retirement funds, and they will learn how to use their Social Security checks to their advantage by following his advice at They may put their money to work, and they will ensure they are saving more for the future.

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Traveling Vineyard: The High-Status Winery

Working from home is convenient, comfortable, and easy. A company well known as Traveling Vineyard, which was formed in the year 2001, helps one to make money in the comfort of their seat through provision of wine guiding services.

Initially, the company had a mission to offer the tasting of wine in a stress-free setting so that the consumers would take pleasure in their drinks. The process is quite effortless and straightforward. Training and guidance are offered, and when this is accomplished, the guides can make a go-ahead and set out on their own.

How the process works is trouble-free. After submission of your application displaying your desire in being one of the wine guides, a leader in your location area is allocated to you. This person guides you through all your queries about the business and if you accept the responsibility of a wine guide, you directly get access to the tasting room.

It also has handful of benefits since it has a center of training that is based online. On the platform, you get to learn how to effectively and efficiently attend to clients. At the same time, you learn how to advertise the items you are selling. One also captures ideas on how to develop their business and how to create a bigger team of guides.

The initiative also helps you as an entrepreneur and nurtures the development of your business. Luckily, you have a free schedule to work with less demand. You may even make new partners and acquaintances during the wine tasting. This is a great example of self-employment since you become your boss. It is also a good way of saving extra ready money.

It is crystal clear that the social media presence is well put out and is legit. Also, the setup of the website is easy to use and convenient to all users. It is marketed by a big number of representatives adding up to almost 5000 members. To date, Traveling Vineyard has continued to grow as a successful winery, and most of the states continue to open their shipping to Traveling Vineyard.

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The Fight for Equality- Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is a Organization formed to confront civil injustices that African Americans face as American citizens. The group is over 100 years old, as the organization was founded in 1909 in New York city by a small bi-racial group of social activist that included W.E.B Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, and Archibald Grimke.

The groups initial goal was to make it known to whites that racial equality was needed in America. They made this known through a variety of public engagements including speeches, lobbying, and public protest.

The group had many focal points during their campaigns for justice but their main targets of action were segregation, voting rights, and the lynching of blacks. The Organization has a number of landmark cases that are significant to the quality of life African Americans are able to live today. Brown vs. Board of Education, Smith vs Allright,Griggs vs. Duke, and Abernathy vs. Alabama are a few of the cases that the group were successful with. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

Although a majority of their work was done prior to the 21st century, the group still exist today. As the severity of racial inequality has been reduced and the quality of life has improved for African Americans, the oppression of blacks still exist, leaving the need for the group to exist.

Like the NAACP, The Lacey and Larkin Fund is a organization that promotes equality of all people. The fund supports many other groups that fight for civil and human rights such as the American Immigration Council, Center for Neighborhood Leadership, and Justice that works.

The group was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, co- founders of the Phoenix times, after the illegal arrest of the two by deputies of Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arapaio on October 18,2007. The two were arrested after writing many articles on the corrupt operation of the sheriff’s office and the Sheriff’s own discriminating behaviors.

The specific article leading up to the arrest detailed how the Arapaio issued subpoenas to obtain the names of the writers of the newspaper and other personal information pertaining to the readers of the newspaper such as browsing and history and IP addresses.

The arrest of the two led summoned a national response in disfavor of the arrest, leading to the release of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin less then 24 hours after being detained.

After their release Lacey and Larkin engaged in a multi-year court case against Maricopa County claiming violation of their first ammendment rights. The court case would end in 2012, resulting in a court decision in their favor stating that the subpoenas were illegally summoned as the legal process required for them was never completed.

Lacey and Larkin would receive a $3.7 million settlement as a result of the case, leading to the formation of the Lacey and Larkin fund. The groups initial focus were Hispanics in Arizona who are victims to civil injustices and racial inequality.

The Fun of Building a World of Style With Fabletics

When people master the art of being fashionable and stylish, they tend to find that their world changes. For one thing, they find themselves slowly experiencing happier feelings towards themselves. Also, if they put a lot of focus on the outfit that they have put together, they will experience a sense of satisfaction that is very deep. It could give them a foundation that they can trust in how they feel about themselves. The only thing is that different people have different styles when they think about it. Therefore, they are going to have to look for a way to find their style.


Fabletics has a lot to offer for everyone who wants to build their own style. They also have something for people who want to be stylish in every aspect of their lives. It can be frustrating for people to have to settle for boring clothes when they are involved with sports and other activities. While many people are going to only workout for a few hours of the whole week, some of the more fashion conscious people have an understanding of the effect that the clothes they wear has on them. They may want to keep this effect going for a while so that they will be able to enjoy every aspect of their lives.


There is such a limit in what is offered with activewear. Therefore, people are going to have a harder time finding the clothes they want. Fortunately, Fabletics offers the type of style that has been missing. Therefore, anyone that is interested are going to be able to bring out this sense of uniqueness for themselves and enjoy their fashion.


Fabletics has been brought forth to encourage a couple of lifestyle choices. One lifestyle choice that it is encouraging is being active and healthy. Another lifestyle choice that is being encouraged is that of taking pride in oneself. While many people have the message that others should not judge them by their appearance, there are plenty of benefits that people experience when they take pride in themselves. Fabletics makes it easier for people to experience those benefits.

Wessex Conferences Supplement the Institute’s Ongoing Drive to Address Current Issues

To supplement the programs offered at the Wessex Institute of Technology, the facility holds several conferences throughout the year. The conferences are part of the Institute’s ongoing mission to provide a link between the professional and academic worlds.

Each conference addresses an issue of current concern, which could encompass anything from global warming to urban development. While the Institute itself is located in the UK’s scenic region of Southampton, the conferences are often held in cities located in countries such as Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Visitors to the Wessex Institute of Technology’s website will be able to view the scheduled topics for both the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The 2017 conferences are scheduled to begin in mid-April with topics covering subjects such as the Repair and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture and Sustainable Development and Planning. Many of the topics discussed in the 2017 conferences are continuations of issues from previous years.


Todd Lubar: The Resurgence of Baltimore Real Estate Industry and the Region’s Leading Real Estate Lender

After a season of a crisis in the real estate industry in Baltimore City in Maryland, the industry is in the recent days starting to regain its vibrancy gradually. A clear indication of this vibrancy is the reduction in foreclosure cases by over 7 percent in 2016 compared with the year before, which is impressive. This decrease was catalyzed by the intervention of the state of Maryland, amending the rules that regulate the real estate industry in the region to become more customer-oriented.

Besides the reduction in foreclosure cases, the cost of homes in Maryland also increased in 2016 relative to 2015. Baltimore in particular, homes went for around $243,000 in 2016, which represented a 6 percent increase and the highest value in over eight years.

Todd Lubar

According to Hackronym, among the main players in the Baltimore real estate industry is Todd Lubar. Todd studied speech communication for his bachelor’s but opted to venture into real estate upon graduating in 1995. His greatest drive into joining the industry was to help investors to realize their dreams. With that, he started a loan origination firm, Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Over the last two decades, Lubar has grown to become a major player in the industry. He has partnered with other key players in the industry along the way, including insurance agencies and financial planners. He is among the most sought experts in matters of mortgage banking. More about Todd can be found on his LinkedIn.

Todd’s Other Involvements

Four years after graduating, Todd was offered a job by Legacy Financial Group to work as a lending officer. This job was a stepping stone for him as in a few years; he had acquired all the necessary experience in matters pertaining lending. He put this experience to good use when he founded Legendary Properties, LLC. The firm specialized in buying and rehabilitating old homes as well as developing new homes and then selling them at a profit. In the way of helping the underprivileged Americans to acquire homes, Todd started Legendary Financial, LLC, a subsidiary company of Legendary Properties. The firm provides loans to those who probably would not get loans from other institutions.

After a successful period with Legendary Properties, Todd decided to cast his nets even deeper into the industry. He teamed up with the First Magnus Financial Corporation to establish its subsidiary company, Charter Funding.

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Why You Should Choose WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners

Cleansing Conditioners are quite popular these days. For many women, buying shampoos is no longer necessary because cleansing conditioners clean their hair just fine, if not better. One cleansing conditioner that is a favorite of many is WEN by Chaz. It is said to bring out the shine in hair and to give it a new bounce. Continued use of this product leaves the hair healthier, fuller and of course, shinier than ever. Other than its uses as a shampoo and a conditioner, WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner may also be used as a styling treatment.

While cleansing conditioners are thought to be most appropriate for people with thick and full hair, an article on reports that WEN by Chaz is also very good for fine or thin hair. The writer of the article is a lady who applied WEN by Chaz on her fine hair for seven days. On the first day of using it, she says her hair felt thicker than usual. An added bonus, according to her, is that on the first day she washed her hair with this cleansing conditioner, she noticed that barely any hair fell off during the wash. Buy WEN hair on

WEN Hair by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners come in as nearly many formulas as there are hair types. This means that if you are able to identify your hair type, you can get the cleansing conditioner that is best suited to your hair. The variety of brands also allows you to switch up the formulas once in a while. Also, for the best outcome, the product recommends the amount you should use during every wash.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Provides a Solution to Title Defects Concerns within the Mortgage Market

In a move that confirmed the firm’s supremacy in the mortgage and financial sector, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) was the first company to address title defects concerns in the industry. After upgrading its website in 2014, the company reduced the numerous hurdles that used to mar the property reports acquisition process during mortgage transactions. This move came at a time when a debate was gathering momentum among the industry’s stakeholders on how title defects were causing unnecessary delays in transfer of ownership of assets. With readily accessible property reports, NTC’s clients can have a clear picture of the ownership status of a property as well as know whether anyone lays claims to a property before engaging in a mortgage transaction.


What Causes Title Defects


A title can be rendered defective for several reasons. The most common reason is due to unsettled claims by other people, especially about loans and debts that the property owner could have taken using the property as collateral. Title defects can also arise as a result of compliance issues, particularly when a mandatory signatory fails to sign the transaction documents or the documents’ wording falls short of the set standards. Other reasons are procedural; like in a situation where due process is not followed when recording or filing documents. With all these reasons, having property reports beforehand is of paramount importance since it helps property buyers to address title defects early enough.


Word from the CEO


According to NTC’s president, John Hillman, the provision of online property reports was in line with the company’s commitment and dedication to helping its clients secure properties in a speedy process. Hillman assured customers that the reports provided on their website are authentic since they are obtained from reliable County land records. To add onto that, he communicated that the records are passed through a thorough verification process that involves automated systems and human authentication to confirm the accuracy of the data provided. The CEO also added that NTC was aiming at customizing the reports to suit particular property needs for its clients to ensure that they do not end up acquiring many documents that could be irrelevant to their particular needs.


About NTC


Nationwide Title Clearance, Inc. is a Florida-based institution that conducts research and processes documents on behalf of residential mortgage market players. The company’s main clients include mortgage investors, lenders, and servicers. Since its creation in 1991, the company has bagged numerous accolades, including the Hire Power award in 2012 and 2013.