Ara Chackerian On A Holistic Approach To Mental Health And Talking About Suicide

Ara Chackerian’s story is about the passion and dedication to making people’s lives better. He is based in San Francisco, California where many successful businesses got their start. In Ara’s line of work, the businessman focuses on health care type of companies that take new and innovative approaches to health. He is the co-founder and director of TMS Health Solutions, which specializes in helping people with their mental health. They are developing innovative ways to treat patients, so they can live happy and healthy lives.


Chackerian is also the general partner for Limonapa Teak. They are sustainable, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly teak farm based in Nicaragua. They are able to employee the local community and provide jobs that were definitely lacking before. At TMS Health Solutions, they put their patients first. Their care model makes it easy for both patient and doctor to get a positive outcome. They combine talk therapy with medication and psychiatric care to give patients the best possible care.


According to thenewsversion, suicide is a very heavy subject that is very prevalent, but rarely talked about. 100 people each day die of suicide, and over 45,000 Americans each year. This subject is sealed in secrecy and shame due to the heavy nature of it. In life, we talk about a number of subjects including work, health, relationships, but not suicide. There is a lot of misunderstanding, fear, shame, and guilt surrounding the subject. It needs to be talked about before it’s too late. Talking to loved ones and people you trust about your inner health is just as important as your physical health. Ara Chackerian understands this and works with companies that develop new treatments for depression and mental health. It can be really hard to tell if someone is really depressed and thinking about suicide because some people may seem happy to everyone. That is only an appearance though. No one is immune to it and even celebrities and rich people can commit suicide. What we can learn from this is communication is key and don’t get closed off from people. Every single life is important and needs to be cherished. To see more visit