Ted Bauman’s Advice To Investors Who Want To Succeed

When it comes to protecting your assets, Ted Bauman is the one to talk to. Mr. Bauman is always exceeding people’s expectations with his wide variety of knowledge pertaining to finance. Here are his qualifications. He is a leading analyst writer and financial expert who specializes in retirement planning, personal offshoring, and asset protection. Ted is also the creator and author of Alpha Stock Alert, the Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. These three newsletter were created when Mr. Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2013.

Ted Bauman did not just gather all this experience without going to college. Getting an education was a fundamental aspect of his journey. Ted earned a BS in business administration degree from The State University of New York. Mr. Bauman continued on to earn his Master’s degree in finance from Georgia State University. Back when Ted Bauman was a young man he lived in South Africa. He studied economics and history at the University of Cape Town. Although he would not get his degree there, he picked his education back up in the United States.

Ted Bauman is looking out for the financial wealth of the everyday American. His advice has helped thousands of people so far to date. Some expert investor advice includes to focus on diversification and risk reduction and look for stocks with low volatility. Ted also recommends investors to utilize an expert to rethink and organize your investment strategy and to make sure your investment strategy is designed for any potential stock crashes. On top of this, do not take action if there is a sudden stock crash, this could hurt you in the long run.

If you want to invest your money, balance it between stocks and bonds. There is a reason for this. Stocks have the ability to make a chunk of money within a short period of time. On the flip side, you can also lose that money. This is where bonds come in. They are more slow earning, but in the long run will make you wealthy. It’s like a very smart backup plan. Ted Bauman currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family.

OSI Food Solutions, About the Company

OSI Among Top 100

OSI Food Solutions is the largest food processing company in the world, and here in America, it was rated among the Top 100 food processing companies. OSI has a very large global presence and caters to food markets all around the world. The food products that OSI delivers to its market are of premium quality, and this is one of the main reasons the company was able to receive such a high rating. Their services are also excellent, and they ensure that all the needs of their customers are met. The reason why OSI is able to produce high quality food products is that they take only the best.

They have vendors and retailers that they buy from their food products. They ensure that the products they purchase from these vendors are of premium quality and they are inspected thoroughly at OSI. Another thing that has enabled OSI Food Solutions to be on top is the thorough market research that they do to identify what their customers need. This market research and analysis assists them in learning more about their customers as well as their competitors.

OSI and Tyson Plant

OSI Food Solutions recently purchased a warehouse and storage facility in Chicago that was previously the Tyson Plant. The Tyson Plant is a warehouse that was around 11000 square feet and a processing plant. The addition of the Tyson plant will be of great benefit to the OSI Food Solutions. This is because of a number of factors. First, it is close to another OSI plant that is in the area. This will allow OSI to extend their manufacturing operations to the new plant purchased.

Second, it will allow OSI to grow their operations in terms of production, storage, and manufacturing. Third, OSI Food Solutions will have enough storage facilities as the warehouse is very big. OSI was very pleased with this purchase as it will be a great addition that will foster the development of the OSI Group. The details of the sale were not communicated to the public. Also, the items to be produced in the new factory were not disclosed.