How Stephen M. Hicks Provided Financial Assistance To Public Companies Through Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital LLC is an investment and an advisory firm that has financed over 250 public companies during their initial phases. It was founded in 1996 and houses a talented team dedicated to the vision of the company. They possess an exceptional understanding of the global market trends which helps them to formulate unique financial strategies for other companies. Since the 90s, they have invested a total of $1.8 billion on companies after careful analysis of the potential they hold.



Stephen M. Hicks is the founding member and the CEO of Southridge Capital. He supervises the business development sector of the company and has a strong influence on the major decisions of the company. For 30 long years, Stephen has been involved in the finance industry and with expertise in financial structuring and investment banking, he steered the company in the direction of success. To see more you can visit


We got to know more about Stephen and Southridge Capital through an interview that took place recently.


He talked about his idea of Southridge Capital and how he managed to make it a reality. In the early days of his career, he was employed at a small hedge fund in NYC. For some reasons, the principal of the hedge fund had to visit Australia for a duration of one whole year. This was the turning point in Stephen’s life and he decided to come up with his own firm while staying on the payroll of the existing hedge fund.


He believes that it is very important to have ideas and to make them a reality one should trust their intuition and focus all their learning and experience on the idea. Experience earned throughout the career helps him make crucial decisions on behalf of the company. For more details you can checkout

He is currently interested in the booming market of cryptocurrency and believes that calculated investment after observing the market trends can generate high returns.


Stephen understands that every entrepreneur faces rejection and failures in their careers and so did he. He recalls how they put millions of dollar in a company they thought had huge potential. But unfortunately the company failed and the repercussions were very serious. Southridge  somehow managed to stay afloat until they stabilized over time.





Infinity Group Australia is a reliable business partner

Infinity Group Australia is a debt reduction company found in Australia. It was created so that it couldn’t help Australian families to get out of debts. The fact of the matter is that many Australians are living in paycheck-paycheck and they are not able to have enough finances to repay their debts faster. People are being forced to stick with minimum loan repayment amounts because that is the only available amount that can go for that purpose, another amount is split among the bills awaiting the next paycheck, to do the same thing. We are living in a cocoon of poverty that we shall never get out of as long as we continue making the same mistakes over and over again.




Infinity Group Australia was cheated to stop people from making the wrong the decisions on money management. For instance, Infinity Group Australia advocates for “if you cannot buy it in cash, you do not need it.” There is no need to spend on the credit card; it will just increase the burdens you are facing. Purchasing what one can afford is a key lesson that should be learnt by every person. The tragedy of the matter is that people are spending so much on things that are not necessary while at the same time facing challenges of debt reduction.




Graeme Holm




The dream of the Infinity Group Australia is tied to Graeme Holm. He is the one who came up with a plan to save the people from financial institutions. He has worked with them and understands that they do not mean well for the customer. They are in business to make money no matter what the customer goes through. Holm learned about these things in the period he was working for the banks. He realized that the only way to succeed is by coming up with a strategy that incorporates financial experts he refers to as “personal banker.”








Infinity Group Australia is one of the companies that appeared to of the Australian Financial Review. This review comprised of over 1000 companies from Australia and New Zealand. In all the companies that were listed, Infinity ranked number #58. This is a high ranking given that the company has been in business for a short time and was competing with established companies. The rankings show that the solutions that Infinity Group Australia is employing are the right ones. The company is growing its reputation as the best company to go to for money management and debt reduction services. Learn more :



OSI Group: Expanding globally through acquisitions

Since its foundation, the OSI Group has been gradually transforming its business while expanding to other parts of the world. Through franchises and strategic alliances, the company has increased the number of operational facilities around the world. In the US, OSI Group recently acquired Baho Food by buying the controlling stake at the company. Being a manufacturer of snacks and other fast foods, Baho Food would give the OSI Group an opportunity to expand its control in the US food industry.

The strategic acquisition of Baho Food would also give OSI an opportunity to expand to other parts of the world. Baho Food has subsidiaries strategically located in parts of the world such as Germany and Netherlands. The company would give OSI an opportunity to gradually gain grounds in the new European markets. Also, the company targets reaching out to more customers by expanding its products range, especially products that are maintained by the Baho Food Company.

Earlier in 2016, OSI Group also acquired another European giant food company, Flagship Europe. The acquisition gave the company the ability to penetrate further the European food business. OSI, after the acquisition, opted to rebrand the Flagship Europe Company to Creative Foods Europe. Creative Food deals with products such as salad dressings and sauces. It would, therefore, give the company an opportunity to further expand its products range while reaching out to more customers.

In Spain, OSI purchased an exceptional food facility in 2017. The facility, located in Toledo, gives OSI the ability to increase its chicken processing and handling capacity from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons on an annual basis. The increased handling capacity would give OSI the ability to serve a wider market in tandem with the demand in Europe. OSI Food Solutions in Spain also gives the company the ability to expand its products base to include pork as well as beef products.

Besides the acquisitions, the company continues to strengthen its bonds with the existing businesses while improving on customer service. Part of the most recent transformations includes the development of better food processing and storage facilities. The company’s president, David McDonald, has been expediting the company’s growth and expansion as a way of setting a new pace for growth in the competitive food industry. Through new product developments, OSI Group is bound to attract new markets while adding new jobs to the market. To know more about the company click here.


Fortress investment group is located in New York city and has offices all around the world. It has assets of about 41.4 billion from its clients that it manages. The investment management firm was founded in 1998 to manage the assets on behalf of its clients. The investment firm’s CEO is Wes Edens who is an investor by profession. The firm has been in operation for 20 years and has secured the trust of many clients across the world. Currently, the company manages assets that are worth billions of dollars. Fortress investment group mostly operates in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean.

Fortress investment is a firm that manages assets in liquid hedge funds, private equity, and credit funds. It is a globally advanced investment management firm that applies its specialized expertise and long-term experience along with its acquired strategies of investment to oversee the assets of its client. The firm has over 1500 private clients and institutional investors worldwide.

Fortress investment group raises, manages and invests in assets like private equity, permanent capital investment strategies, and real estate. The performance of the firm depends on the company’s management. Fortress investment group does its best to generate risk-adjusted returns that are strong and serve its customers over a long-term period. The firm is trusted worldwide by portfolio operating companies and course executing investments.

Fortress Investment Company has come up with a group of investment professionals with experience in essential sectors and people; additionally, the professionals have positive relationships with some of the leading institutions, companies and also individuals. A refined set of tools does the assessment of the structure, operations and strategic challenges in Fortress Investment Group. These set of tools enable the investment firm to extract value investments and engage in their activities as well.

Employees of the company are experienced and have dealt with many clients hence knows how to handle each investor from all over the world. The company has delivered excellent services to its clients, and the comments they always get on their website is positive. The manager, Wes Edens says that they have a group of portfolio companies that exceptionally include dominant and established leaders. Wes believes that he knows the best compelling investment opportunities in the world to help customers. With the strong team at Fortress Investment, the clients are getting the best services, and there is a tremendous increase in the value of their funds.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ report reveals the worrying state of Brazilian infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens, the Energipar Captacao CEO and an infrastructure guru, drafted a report on the rising number of stagnated projects in Brazil. According to the report provided by the Ministry of Planning in Brazil, there were 2796 works whose operations have been halted. Of the 2796 works, 517 were directly related to the infrastructural industry. This corresponds to 18 percent of the total projects amounting to a total cost of R $ 10.7 Billion. When such things happen, the sanitation of the affected areas is usually interrupted. This then poses numerous other hazards to people. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

In the report, numerous reasons for the discontinuation of the works were highlighted. Abandonment of works by companies was one of the reasons that were highlighted. A lot of emphases were put on the issue of budgetary and financial constraints which has contributed largely to this menace. Furthermore, technical problems and problems of land ownership were also among the stated reasons in the report.

Other than just stating the problem, Felipe Montoro Jens’ report also came up with recommendations. To avert the problem of paralysis and delays of projects in Brazil, the stakeholders should design balanced contracts. The involved stakeholders should also put in place the right execution modality and strengthen internal control.

An alumnus of the Getulio Vargas Foundation where he earned a business degree, Felipe Montoro Jens is an entrepreneur and infrastructure expert. He is also skilled in matters relating to waste management. He is known for his ability to advise corporations and governments on various profitable and financially responsible methods to eliminate waste. Throughout his career, Felipe has gained experience and knowledge by working in a wide variety of industries ranging from mining to energy regeneration and chemical manufacturing. Felipe Montoro Jens’ expertise has enabled him to travel to numerous countries across the globe. Felipe has worked in different countries in Africa, Europe, and even Latin America.

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Deirdre Baggot Has Made Significant Contributions to Improving Healthcare

Under a bundled payment system services rendered during an episode of care generate one bill. An episode of care encompasses all the services rendered during treatment for an illness or injury. Putting all the provider’s fees into one bill means equal sharing of profits and equal absorption of losses.

Deirdre Baggot MBA, RN, Ph.D. is a proponent of bundled payment systems. Ms. Baggot’s expertise on bundled payment systems is nationally recognized. She has authored over 20 papers on the subject. Conferences of Healthcare Financial Management Association and a half-dozen other such organizations have featured Dierdre Baggot as the keynote speaker.

In 2012 Ms. Baggot served as an expert reviewer for Medicare and Medicaid’s Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative. While serving as administrator of Exempla Saint Joseph’s Cardiac and Vascular Institute she submitted a bid that would make Exempla one of four facilities in the US with an Acute Care Episode Cardiovascular Services Pilot Program. Read more articles by Deirdre Baggot at Researchgate.

Deirdre Baggot is currently Vice President of the Camden Group. Her degree in nursing is from Southern Ilinois University. From the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, she holds a Health Care Executive Leadership certificate. Ms. Baggot earned Master’s Degrees in nursing and business from the University of Colorado and Loyola University Graduate School of Business respectively.

Two hundred hospitals utilize programs that Deirdre Baggot created. Benefitting patients and providers these programs have resulted in more positive treatment experiences and an increase in the number of desired treatment outcomes while reducing costs. The heads of several health system boards turn to Ms. Baggot for guidance.

Among causes of death in the US medical errors rank third. Infections traced to hospitals kill 2 million people yearly. Determined to reverse this trend. Ms. Baggot believes part of the solution is to educate patients to be smarter healthcare consumers.

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Ara Chackerian On A Holistic Approach To Mental Health And Talking About Suicide

Ara Chackerian’s story is about the passion and dedication to making people’s lives better. He is based in San Francisco, California where many successful businesses got their start. In Ara’s line of work, the businessman focuses on health care type of companies that take new and innovative approaches to health. He is the co-founder and director of TMS Health Solutions, which specializes in helping people with their mental health. They are developing innovative ways to treat patients, so they can live happy and healthy lives.


Chackerian is also the general partner for Limonapa Teak. They are sustainable, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly teak farm based in Nicaragua. They are able to employee the local community and provide jobs that were definitely lacking before. At TMS Health Solutions, they put their patients first. Their care model makes it easy for both patient and doctor to get a positive outcome. They combine talk therapy with medication and psychiatric care to give patients the best possible care.


According to thenewsversion, suicide is a very heavy subject that is very prevalent, but rarely talked about. 100 people each day die of suicide, and over 45,000 Americans each year. This subject is sealed in secrecy and shame due to the heavy nature of it. In life, we talk about a number of subjects including work, health, relationships, but not suicide. There is a lot of misunderstanding, fear, shame, and guilt surrounding the subject. It needs to be talked about before it’s too late. Talking to loved ones and people you trust about your inner health is just as important as your physical health. Ara Chackerian understands this and works with companies that develop new treatments for depression and mental health. It can be really hard to tell if someone is really depressed and thinking about suicide because some people may seem happy to everyone. That is only an appearance though. No one is immune to it and even celebrities and rich people can commit suicide. What we can learn from this is communication is key and don’t get closed off from people. Every single life is important and needs to be cherished. To see more visit