Beneful offers healthy options with real and honest ingredients

The Beneful Originals with Real Beef commercial opens up with a cute little dog with a striped red and white tie prancing through a field with his owner. The dog, who goes by Einstein, sits gleefully next to his owner as she explains the benefits of his dog chow. She goes on to say how the main ingredient in the dog food is beef and how her dog enjoys this brand more than any other brand. The dog backs up her claims in agreeance and proceeds to gobble the chow down. The ingredients also include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and natural starches. The Dinner for Two commercial that promotes the Beneful Originals line opens up with a dog and his owner enjoying a dinner in the kitchen. The dog explains how dinner time is his favorite time to bond with his owner and it shows them both eating a meal. The owner is snacking on a piece of cheese and the dog believes that he eats better meals than his owner. The dog reveals that the Beneful Originals offers a variety of whole grains and real beef. These ingredients help maintain a healthy pet food and the dog seems to be enjoying the meal.



United Kingdom Vintners-PLC is a company that deals with fine wine consultation. The wine market is a booming one and investing in it is bound to make one successful. UKV PLC is a group of people who are experienced in the fine wine merchant business and will always ensure that you get the best product. This team can guide anyone into financial freedom in the fine wine business just by assisting you in selecting most suitable champagne and wine which you can use during any event or even personal use.

The company offers any client the option of discussing their personal preference to facilitate them in selecting the best product for your use. In addition to this, the wine team is also open for the location of the meeting. One of the options is meeting the team in their offices, in a location of your choice or even in the comfort of your own home to learn more about us: click here.

You can be assured that you will be provided with the best advice by UKV since they are not affiliated with any single wine or champagne company, supply chain or distribution chain. The wine company has partnered with a vast network of merchants, brokers, and traders where they resource popular wine brands and champagne brands. UKV provides their private and corporate clients with purchasing, distributing, selling and brokerage services for champagne and fine wine products. In addition to this, they also furnish their clients with products that they can utilize for investment or consumption.

About Ukv Plc

UKV PLC is an excellent wine and champagne consultation company that is based in the U.K. The wine company is a professional entity which provides its services indiscriminately regardless of the status of the client. This means that whether you are experienced or a beginner in the fine wine industry the company will always provide you with information on the best brands that originate from popular vineyards from notable European countries produce the best product.

Some of the products that UKV PLC deals with include Italian wines, Bordeaux-which includes Pomerol, Graves, Pauillac, Margaux, Sauternes, among others, Spanish wines from Rioja, Bierzo and Catalonia, Burgundy, Investment wines from the leading vineyards in Europe, French wines, and Champagne among others.

Fantasy Football Rankings : Road to WR1

Martavis Bryant has shown some significant improvement recently and is on the path to WR1. The fantasy football writers has predicted that Martavis Bryant to have a 55% chance to achieve the WR1 rank in the coming year. What is WR1 you may ask? Well, WR1 stands for “Wide Receiver #1”, and it means that he is the number one fantasy player for that position. A QB1 means the same thing, but instead of wide receiver it’s quarter back. Rankings are determined by how well the player does in specific tasks that correlate to their position. A quarter back could be ranked by the amount of touchdown passes, while a running back would be ranked on how much yards they have ran. Due to Martavis Bryant’s improvement in his skills, his ranking is suspected to increase in the coming up season.


Richard Blair an Icon For Wealth Solutions

Riches Solutions is a go to for sound ventures and riches arrangements. Richard Blair, who is an enlisted venture consultant and organizer at Wealth Solutions, trusts that everybody needs a strong course of action, in which that will in any case enable them to fulfill the greater part of their money related objectives. By fulfilling this, Blair endeavors to give riches administration administrations, alongside retirement making arrangements for his customers. Richard is exceptionally experienced and qualified, alongside effectively finished confirmations to move down his field of skill. Affirmations including; CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS. Working with Richard, a hefty portion of his customers observe him to be incredibly ingenious with regards to organization, and also a counsel. Riches Solutions enlisted venture consultative firm is situated in the Austin, Texas zone, where they offer the most elite administrations to ensuring and dealing with their customer’s benefits. Learn more:


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions entirely takes after what they call a three-column approach, in which enables them to rapidly learn and comprehend the money related condition of their customer’s circumstance, and additionally their retirement needs. Being that every customer is unique, Wealth Solutions additionally likes to make full tweaked plans for each of their customers. Column one is intended to enable customers to draw out their money related guide, in which recognizes the customer’s qualities, objectives, chance resistance, and development openings. Column two is intended to grow a long haul technique that works for customer in light of their speculation needs, and Pillar three is the place Richard meets the protection needs of the customer. With all of Wealth Solutions achievement, they are perched on an income of $1.4 million. Learn more:


Richard Blair has not just established this organization into an extraordinary achievement, he likewise has more to feel finished, with having more than 20 years of involvement in the money related administrations industry. Prior to the establishing of Wealth Solutions, Richard first got his Bachelor’s in Finance at the University of Houston. He likewise did some wandering off into the universe of money related administrations in the year 1993 and established the organization, Wealth Solutions in 1994. Richard’s principle objective is to have a positive and important effect for the lives of others, people, and entrepreneurs. Richard realized that helping individuals in ventures and money related arranging would be an extraordinary vocation to go up against from when he encountered at firsthand of his affection for instructing. He has dependably been into the instruction world, alongside his mom, spouse, and grandma being educators. That is the point at which he chose to join his showing knowledge with his normal ability in back. Learn more:


Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC, was considered an outsider when he entered the food service industry nearly half a century ago. Now a titan in the meat industry, Mr. Lavin found first success in a very different career that, through a combination of hard work and business acumen, led him to the world that he currently sits atop. During his time as an executive at OSI Group, Mr. Lavin has spearheaded a successful growth plan that has taken his company from a small upstart to an industry leader over the course of several decades. Under his watch, OSI Group has built steadily upon the initial partnership that he helped to broker between, what was then referred to as Otto and Sons, and fast food leader McDonald’s Corporation.

OSI Group currently employs nearly 20,000 people across the globe. Many of OSI Group’s vast number of employees have been with the company for a substantial amount of years, and that continued rate of low turnover is usually credited to Mr. Lavin’s continued push for a family-first environment on every level. Prior to taking his foray in the food services industry, Sheldon Lavin had already been a successful investor, holding a high ranking executive position in the banking industry, while also heading a lucrative financial investment firm. It wasn’t until 1970 that Mr. Lavin became increasingly more involved with the day to day business dealings at Otto and Sons, eventually becoming a full-time executive at Otto and Sons by the middle part of the decade, and later spearheading the company’s rapid expansion in the 1980’s.

Sheldon Lavin is now 81 years old and spends the majority of his time leading the way OSI Group and continuing his winning tradition. Mr. Lavin has received a myriad of awards for his company’s triumphs, and philanthropic efforts.

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David G. McDonald: The President of OSI Group

Mr. McDonald acted as the Chief Operating Officer, project manager and President at the OSI group. Dave has also worked at the North America meat Institute as the chairman. After Marfrig Frigoríficos acquired the operations of the OSI Group in Brazil and Europe in December 2008, Dave also served there as an independent director. Mr. Mc Donald has also worked at the United Steelworkers of America from the year 1952 to 1965 as the American labor leader.

In the year 1923, Dave was introduced to Phillip Murray by a friend where Phillip hired him as his secretary. This is because he was delighted with his high typing speed and also the fact that Mc Donald had pioneered the formation of the Alumni association of the Holy Cross High school. He was also the alumni group of the Catholic Pittsburgh, and they later became very close friends.

Later on, Mr. Mac Donald enrolled for classes at the technology institute of Carnegie, currently known as the University of Carnegie Mellon where he took his dancing and drama classes. He graduated in the year 1932 as an amateur actor. He was called for an interview by a Hollywood movie firm called Warner brothers to discuss on a post for him as an assistant movie director but turned down their offer.

While Mr. McDonald chaired the board of OSI, he highly believed that offering more and better services to his customers had no limitations to the company’s production. Instead, it gave the company more customers and in the end, increasing their sale. He also helped increase the company’s sales, publicity, as well as market its products through early engagement of its customers. David also engaged in discussions regarding the remedies and solutions they might want to improve in the production of their goods.

In May 1962, Mr. Dave received a degree in Industrial relations from the College of St Martins. In the same year, union members from the steelworkers felt that Donald was not protecting their interests hence Dave started negotiations on their job security provision which greatly helped save the workers’ jobs. After the company had recovered between the year 1963 and 1964, it recorded a profit that led to an increment of the worker’s salaries.