The Fight for Equality- Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is a Organization formed to confront civil injustices that African Americans face as American citizens. The group is over 100 years old, as the organization was founded in 1909 in New York city by a small bi-racial group of social activist that included W.E.B Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, and Archibald Grimke.

The groups initial goal was to make it known to whites that racial equality was needed in America. They made this known through a variety of public engagements including speeches, lobbying, and public protest.

The group had many focal points during their campaigns for justice but their main targets of action were segregation, voting rights, and the lynching of blacks. The Organization has a number of landmark cases that are significant to the quality of life African Americans are able to live today. Brown vs. Board of Education, Smith vs Allright,Griggs vs. Duke, and Abernathy vs. Alabama are a few of the cases that the group were successful with. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

Although a majority of their work was done prior to the 21st century, the group still exist today. As the severity of racial inequality has been reduced and the quality of life has improved for African Americans, the oppression of blacks still exist, leaving the need for the group to exist.

Like the NAACP, The Lacey and Larkin Fund is a organization that promotes equality of all people. The fund supports many other groups that fight for civil and human rights such as the American Immigration Council, Center for Neighborhood Leadership, and Justice that works.

The group was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, co- founders of the Phoenix times, after the illegal arrest of the two by deputies of Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arapaio on October 18,2007. The two were arrested after writing many articles on the corrupt operation of the sheriff’s office and the Sheriff’s own discriminating behaviors.

The specific article leading up to the arrest detailed how the Arapaio issued subpoenas to obtain the names of the writers of the newspaper and other personal information pertaining to the readers of the newspaper such as browsing and history and IP addresses.

The arrest of the two led summoned a national response in disfavor of the arrest, leading to the release of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin less then 24 hours after being detained.

After their release Lacey and Larkin engaged in a multi-year court case against Maricopa County claiming violation of their first ammendment rights. The court case would end in 2012, resulting in a court decision in their favor stating that the subpoenas were illegally summoned as the legal process required for them was never completed.

Lacey and Larkin would receive a $3.7 million settlement as a result of the case, leading to the formation of the Lacey and Larkin fund. The groups initial focus were Hispanics in Arizona who are victims to civil injustices and racial inequality.



Regardless of Arpaio’s affirmation of not understanding the decision, he was sentenced for the criminal act by government region judge Susan Bolton. Bolton was devastated by her decision, expressing that Arpaio persistently abused the request. She additionally blamed the sheriff for neglecting to verify that his representatives complied with the request too. The sheriff requested his workers to continue keeping Latino and Hispanic drivers. The judge’s decision came just about a year after Arpaio lost his seventh offer for re-election, people believed that his fortunes were at last beginning to fall and that he would begin confronting results for his activities.


There is no doubt that both Larkin and Lacey were unlawfully detained, and their First Amendment rights were disregarded by Arpaio and his group. They later teamed up at that point to extend fight in court that brought about the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals deciding in 2012. They argued that they had been arrested without reasonable justification. The harsh decision made notice that Arpaio and his group were open authorities requesting the prompt captures of their critics.


Maricopa County paid Larkin and Lacey 3.75 million dollars to settle their claim, which led to the establishment of Frontera Fund. The organization offers gifts to vagrant rights associations all through Arizona. The association attempts to help non-benefit foundations that effectively bolster the privileges of Hispanics and Latinos. As of now, the reserve has supported associations that help Latinos and Hispanics who have been oppressed by open authorities and law requirement. Since President Trump has exonerated Arpaio something that shouldn’t generally astonish anybody given their history, it is up to associations like the Frontera Fund to battle back against his heritage. Despite the fact that Joe Arpaio won’t invest any time in jail for his criminal activities, the good deeds by Frontera Group should fix a portion of the harm that he has caused.