Lime Crime is Fashion Forward

Most women want style, and a variety of spice to that style. Even the most modest women still wants to feel pretty and appreciated for their beauty. Some of the ways to achieve the desired results come in the form of more than one pair of shoes, or change of clothes. Just like the ever changing style of hair, make-up and cosmetics should reflect the inner style trying to escape. Cosmetics should never be just one style fits all.

Lime Crime has developed a line of cosmetics for women who are not looking for just ordinary, but the extraordinary. With a wide array of colors and styles to help every women release the artist within.

According to Glambot, Lime Crime is not about a style that is looking back and trying to capture a retro look, but is a company dedicated to setting a new standard, a style that is fashion forward.

Like founder and creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, the company is versatile and innovative in how the products represent the statement in women’s cosmetics. For women who want to make a statement, who want color splashes from bright blues to green hughes, or an array of matching eye liners to make the color of her lips pop, Deere’s company and line of cosmetics will help set them apart.

As part of the line of cosmetics, the company also provides a unique style or culture for shoppers to the website. They are called the Unicorns, repeat customers who enjoy the products over and over again.

Cosmetics can make or break a style, and if not careful, the style could clash with the clothing or shoes selected. A night out on the town with a new hair style, great clothes, the perfect shoes, but the wrong make-up can ruin a girls evening.

WEN By Chaz Dean Works Wonders On All Hair Types For Women

In the hair care and cosmetics industry, Chaz Dean is very well known. He has been in the industry for many years and has worked with many big names out there in Hollywood, which is where he does his work today. He is the creator of WEN cleansing conditioners, which have been around for around 10 years today, and they are still working wonders for women all around the world, providing glamorous hair. There are even a number of reviews that have been published showing off the benefits of the WEN hair care. Emily McClure from Bustle Magazine released a lengthy review of the WEN product and how it effected her hair, which can be found on

One of the unique features of Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioners is that they are capable or performing well on all types of hair in any condition. That includes hair that is dry, brittle, oily, frizzy, or anything else, regardless of the condition, WEN can offer benefits. Wen‘s formula is unique, combining a series of all natural ingredients that create a product that can replace a variety of hair care items, including conditioners and shampoos. Because the product is made of only natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals, it can be used indefinitely and on a daily basis. While it can be used with other hair styling products, for best results it should be used by itself, but at the very least keep away from chemicals.

Chaz Dean went through a lot of testing to ensure his product could remove buildup and perform a thorough cleanse of the scalp without stripping the hair of essential oils. To make sure of this, he has also updated the product over its 10 year life span on the market as well. The products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online thru the guthy-renker website.


A Step Beyond, Magnises Delivers Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

It is unusual for any new business to get off to a very fast start and in fact, most new businesses don’t make it. Not so with Magnises, Billy McFarland;s new venture for millennials in New York City. Magnises is created for millennials, so they have a common ground to socialize, mingle together, share ideas, and make business contacts.

There is nothing unusual about that, except McFarland added an irresistible ingredient. He fashioned a way for them to receive very attractive discounts and perks at many of their favorite restaurants, bars, clubs, events, and attractions. It is all done with an annual membership fee of just $250 and The Black Card.

The Black Card copies all of the relevant information from the member’s credit or debit card and is used to pay the bill at the restaurant, for example, while simultaneously applying the discount.

McFarland is somewhat choosey regarding whom he lets join, as evidenced by the online application that must be completed and approved by management. He is also rather picky as far as the business entities who can participate. The business must come on board as far as understanding the levels of service required, and they must buy into the program.

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Getting businesses interested has not been a problem because Magnises and the Black Card is a huge source of repetitive revenue. Formed in 2013 by Billy MacFarland, Magnises had a total membership of well over 10,000 by the close of 2015. Growth is steady, and McFarland has added an app for smartphones which scans the necessary information at the restaurant or club.

The idea is brilliant because millennials love to get together and talk about themselves, about each other, socialize and make business contacts. At this point, if an individual doesn’t have a Black Card, he or she is strongly urged to get one. After all, people are not ignorant, as the Black Card is one of the best things going on.

Magnises is doing very well, and profits are up. A new input of venture capitalist money to the tune of $3 million has not hurt the cause either. Plans for expansion are getting serious, with target cities of Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and London in McFarland’s sites. See:

The demographic for the ideal population are areas where professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, garment personnel, and artists, between the ages of 21 and 35 is perfect. The financial and trendy districts of cities are where these millennials hang out, live and work. All of the target cities have millennials by the truckload live and work right where they should be, which is the attraction for expansion.

The business model works very well in New York, and it is almost a given the same result duplicates in the other locations. It is simply a matter of plugging in the proper management in these areas and offering the Black Card.

Millennials in the new areas have already heard about Magnises, due to some primary marketing campaigns, and the markets are waiting for Magnises to arrive. Chances are, McFarland is on his way to a much larger, and more profitable experience shortly.

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Handy Home Services Continues To Grow

The world is a better place with on demand services like Handy available to us all without any delay. It was once a pain to have to find a reliable cleaning professional to come to your home or to make repairs on your home. Handy has taken away all the frustration in finding these professionals. It was a hassle to have to hand over cash to them or write checks when they were finished with their jobs, but Handy has taken care of that concern as well. The company was developed by two students from Harvard Business School, and it has since grown into a major trend in providing quality services to consumers. See,

There are plenty of start up companies popping up all around the world, and many of those start up are coming from Silicon Valley, CA. Handy has a lot of competition in order to find funding and in order to find a secure foothold in the marketplace. The founders had strategies in place that guaranteed their success. However, they did not always agree about how to operate their business. Handy had competitors Mopp and Homejoy, as well as others, in their industry that made it difficult to find clients at first. However, they have found their niche, and they continue to grow.

The short article you have just read would not have been possible without the source material that was presented on’s website. is a valued news source for those interested in business and technology developments. The article’s representative, Jeff Bercovici, wrote is a profile of Handy’s growth over the last few years since they have went from being a start up company to one of the biggest providers in the home service industry. You can view that article by going to this site.