Securus Technologies Releases Investigator Pro 4.0 with Searchable Voice.

Securus Technologies has finally released JLG Technologies’ latest Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice. The new system IPRO 4.0 is said to have a new level of biometric sophistication that will be beneficial for the investigators to stop crime in a preventive way. According to Michael Kester the Chief Operator Officer at JLG Technologies, the software with searchable voice will be crucial for investigators to uncover gang-related activities and other potential crime activities by identifying the involved parties by voice. Since Securus Technologies is linked to many prisons in the United States, the software will also be used to determine the inmates involved in any criminal gang.

Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice gives the investigators ability to select a voice sample from the inmate or outside party of an inmate’s telephone call to enable the sample to help in the search of all other calls and link the voice to an individual participating in a crime. The searchable voice feature is very crucial because it helps investigators to bring an investigation case to a close when the person matching the voice is identified. Without an ID/PIN or telephone numbers, an investigator can now find out:



  • Whether an outside party was an incarcerated inmate?
  • hether other inmates are calling the outside party?
  • Whether there current inmates calling the outside party?


The new investigative software uses other features other than searchable voice. For instance, the software is embedded with voice identification confidence ratings and high-interest group tagging making it a powerful toolkit for investigators to identify individuals involved in criminal activities and using inmate telephone systems to accomplish their objectives. View the company profile on



Securus Technologies has been improving its services to all its clients including law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. The technology company based in Dallas, Texas was founded in 1986 and has received various accreditation for its commitment to building trust, honor promises, responsiveness, ability to safeguard privacy, and integrity.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Top Benefits of Organic Lip Balms

Lips can tell a lot about one’s personality. It is no wonder that people go to large extent to ensure that their lips appear supple, never dry or chapped. So many products promise to deliver smooth lips, but not all live up to their promise. However, organic lip balms are a different tale.
Organic lip balms are made of natural ingredients. They do not utilize chemicals and other toxic ingredients in order to keep your lips moisturized. This is to mean that they have no side effects when used. Instead, they help to keep your lips healthy. Most of the natural ingredients used, for example beeswax and shea butter, have more health benefits to offer than just improving the appearance of your lips. Most of this ingredients have a healing power, helping you not only restore suppleness of your lips, but also deal with the underlying issue so that the problem of cracked, chapped or dry lips does not recur. Some of the ingredients act as anti-bacterial, helping to keep bacteria and resulting infections at bay. Others possess, anti-inflammatory properties, while other acts as sunscreens. And, this is just but to mention a few of the benefits that organic lip balms have to offer.

For anyone willing to go natural with their lip balms, Evolution of Smooth is one of the top organic lip balm brands that I would recommend them to try. EOS lip balms only utilize pure and natural ingredients to help you achieve beautiful and healthy lips. They contain jojoba oil, shea butter and Vitamin E.

Aside from EOS lip balms being purely natural, they are also hypoallergenic, meaning that they can be used by virtually anyone. And, to prove of their high quality, they are tested and approved by dermatologists. Get these products on your local Walmart stores and online.

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IAP Worldwide Offers Excellent Client Service

IAP is a leading service provider of facilities management, technical, advanced, professional, and global scale logistics services. IAP has over 2000 qualified employees in over 25 countries around the world aiming at offering solutions to private and public sectors with most demanding challenges. It engages unexpected disastrous situations like natural disasters such as floods to overseas battles, at any time. According to their mission statement, IAP has enough experience to structure plans, coordinate, and execute challenging logistical and technical difficulties. IAP Worldwide Services manages, maintains and efficiently operates military installations from small-sized cities, civilian facilities to remote research laboratories while delivering technological and program management required by clients.

IAP has been a reliable market leader for over sixty years, with a consistent reputation for quick response to emergencies to exceed customer’s expectations on LinkedIn. According to their mission statement, whatever keeps their clients up at night wakes IAP in the morning because they are geared to solve customer’s problems and make their lives comfortable. That is what sets IAP apart from the other firms. They adopt their customer’s mission as their own, by channeling their passion, experiences, talents, conviction to providing innovative solutions and excellent results.

Responsibilities of IAP
IAP treats its customers well and passes on the same good treatment to everyone else in the world. IAP Worldwide Services shares its gratitude with many people in different communities because most people have been part of their history.

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IAP Mission and Values
Partnering with IAP means all your goals and aims will be channeled to IAP as the team will ensure you receive exceptional results exceeding your expectations. IAP relies on four primary principles to serve its clients. The principles are:
– Serving our Customers
– Serving our Employees
– Serving the Community
– Applying ingenuity and purpose while helping

The History of IAP
IAP has been building the future of the community and nation since time immemorial while inventing ways of pioneering the world to merge up with various companies and create the now IAP Worldwide Services.

IAP Ethics and Compliance
IAP focuses on pleasing the clients and using the right approach to do so. By offering efficient and smart solutions to customers, IAP ranks high in customer service on IAP is committed to providing customers, partners, employees and the sustainable community teamwork to problem-solving. It welcomes prize integrity, and creativity from the team as well as celebrations of employees’ achievement. At IAP, positive thought, trust, teamwork, and passion are the key values for the team and personal growth.