Freedom Pop: Running to the Top of the Global Charts

FreedomPop is back at it again! With their new global hotspot in ranking, FreedomPop is now offering its users free data after purchasing their new mobile hotspot device. The device is currently set at $49.99 and offers 200 MBs of free data. This data can be used for any of your mobile devices and is not just limited to the new global hotspot. For an additional $10, you can increase your data, getting a total of 500 MBs. Freedom Pop’s global hotspot is so far supporting 25 different countries and plans on expanding their coverage to more than 40 countries before the year is over.

Originally reported on Recode, FreedomPop has been raising money to continue their expanded growth. With more than $50 million raised, Freedom pop is expanding its growth out to Europe, Asia, and South America. This news comes after they originally raised $30 million six months ago. This new round of funding is a sure fire way of supporting their customers and allowing them to gain access to free internet. With such a high revenue of money acquired in such a little amount of time, Freedom Pop is on its way to being at the top of the service global providers.,2817,2498185,00.asp

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Lose Weight Fast With NutriMost

NutriMost is a diet program that has been trending on facebook. This be because people have been losing weight through the program in a short period of time. The average amount has been five pounds of weight weekly.

Being overweight according to NY FatLoss can have an impact on how healthy a person can be. It can help cause serious problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and internal organ issues.
When first starting with the NutriMost program the subject is measured for visceral fat. This is the fat the body stores in the abdomen. When a belly forms it means that fat is pressing up against a person’s organs, and can affect the level at which the body is functioning.
An example of a successful NutriMost patient is a 71 year-old man, Gene (Visit, He was overweight and had a lot of visceral fat, diabetic, and suffered from high cholestrol. He also had high blood pressure and sleep apnea.a Most serious was his fatty liver.
Gene started the NutriMost program at 270 pounds. When he completed two rounds of the program he had lost 80 pounds. After the weight loss Gene was no longer diabetic, the high blood pressure, cholestrol, and sleep apnea was also gone. His most serious ailment, the fatty liver, was also resolved.
NutriMost‘s unique approach is to use their revolutionary technology to customize a program for each patient. They also have an after loss program. There is a reset phase in which a patient locks their weight in at a specific number. The patient is given instructions on how to keep their weight at the level they want it.
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George Soros Explains Problems with the Free Market

George Soros is an international public figure that is known for his unique ability to predict outcomes in foreign currency markets. As the head of Soros Fund Management, George Soros has risen to the rank of number 23 on the Forbes’ list of world billionaires. His personal net worth was listed at an estimated $24.9 billion as of May 2016 by Forbes. The vast majority of Soros’ wealth comes from his success in hedge fund management. While Soros has been extremely successful in his business endeavors, he realizes that this is simply not the case for the most of the people in this world. Because George Soros has had an opportunity to study economics on a global scale on, he understands the dangers of relying exclusively on the free market, as pure capitalism requires, and thinks that there needs to be checks and balances against the will of the market so that the lowest classes in society are not marginalized further without access to basic resources. Although Soros is now a citizen of the U.S., he came to this country after fleeing the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II, so he very much identifies with the struggles of immigrants and thinks that there need to be safety nets in place so that the basic human rights of all people are always protected.

George Soros has been very vocal about his economic theories and has published over a dozen books explaining his economic philosophies, which obviously influence his political leanings. Soros is known for supporting progressive and liberal political candidates. This presidential election cycle, he has endorsed Hillary Clinton and has donated generously to various super PACs in support of Clinton.
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As far back as 1997, Soros was writing about the dangers of free market capitalism. He wrote an essay published by The Atlantic. In the essay he explains his views on how free market capitalism is not the real answer to having open, free societies. While capitalism was seen as the saving grace in opposing communist regimes around the world during the Cold War, Soros says that capitalism left unchecked can be a serious problem on an international scale. In terms of promoting open societies that encourage freedom of speech and spirited exchanges of different ideas and opinions, George Soros says that there needs to be a better balance of the individual rights championed by pure capitalists and concern for the common good as articulated by communism. Soros recognizes that communism was an absolute threat to individual liberty, but he does not see the value in placing the individual rights of some above the common good of the people. That is why Soros thinks that free market capitalism needs to be tempered with at least some government controls over the free market. He certainly does not believe in laissez-faire capitalism. With capitalism, Soros explains, the threat to liberty does not come from an international superpower or a declared enemy of the state. Instead, the wealthy ruling class can subjugate the poor in a pure capitalist society.

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How Squaw-Alpine is Helping Conserve Nature

For some years now, communities living on the northern shores of Lake Tahoe have suffered massive losses. This has been occasioned by widespread drought, which has taken a toll on small and medium sized businesses that are heavily dependent on winter resorts that dot the shores. To compound their misery further, the communities have also been engaged in an incorporation dispute over the scenic Olympic Valley. This picturesque site hosts some of the most legendary winter sports sites in North America.

Residents of the Olympic Valley however have a reason to smile. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings president and Chief Executive Officer, Andy Wirth has expressed that the withdrawal of support for the incorporation effort is bound to turn things around. In the past, the cold season used to set in early. This was beneficial to operations such as Wirth’s because it meant that the resorts could be opened weeks earlier than usual. The incorporation move would have been bad for small businesses and the general civic population had it gone through. The original article was posted on the Reno-Gazette Journal.
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Mr. Wirth’s firm has spent large sums of money in a bid to defeat the motion and thus prevent its actualization. Its implementation would have meant that residents would pay higher taxes. Businesses would not have been spared either. In addition, there would have been a decrease in the quality of essential services like infrastructure maintenance and the plowing up of snow. The valley would also have been separated from communities that occupy the northern shores. Traditionally, the communities have been pooling together their resources so that they can expediently handle issues affecting them.

CEO Andy Wirth’s Rsum

Andy is an alumnus of Edinburgh University and the Colorado State University. He has had a passion for eco-tourism from an early age. This is what motivated him to form Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which has extensive commercial interests in the real estate and tourism markets. He has been credited for helping restore Olympic Valley’s reputation as one of the best skiing destinations in North America. He has also been on the forefront opposing the alienation and isolation of communities living around the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Andy is also passionate skydiver. A life threatening accident that occurred while he was participating in this activity made him to co-found Wounded Warrior. This is an organization that backs up operations being carried out by the Navy SEALs. To date, he has managed to raise almost 15,000 US dollars, which will be channeled to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Besides his corporate and philanthropic duties, Andy chairs the board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. In his free time, Mr. Wirth loves spending time outdoors and exercising. He also takes part in environmental advocacy. To read more about him, click onto:

Working Two Days To Save Power

Those who live in Venezuela like Mr. Danilo Diaz, now have a 2-day work week. This is just one more step that the government has put in place to try to save electricity and money in the country. This applies to public employees more than it does those who work in private businesses and those who are in the school system. The reason behind the short work week is because there hasn’t been enough water in the region to supply the energy that is needed for residents and businesses. Water levels are at a near minimum because of the lack of rain. Earlier in April, workers were given a 3-day weekend. These efforts didn’t help in saving power, so Nicolas Maduro ordered only a short time ago. The good thing is that workers will be compensated for the time that they aren’t working. Some of the people who are off on the weekends are waiting in lines to buy food or sitting at home, scrolling facebook and watching TV, which is not saving any kind of electricity at all.