Jon Urbana’s Lacrosse Camp Grew in 2015

Lacrosse has recently become increasingly popular with people from across North America and across the world. The sport of lacrosse offers a way for students hoping to attend a college in the U.S. to gain an athletic scholarship and to learn a large number of life skills as they embark on an active and healthy lifestyle. The growth of the sport sees increasing numbers of high schools and amateur teams forming around the world; lacrosse camps are becoming an impressive way for players to increase their skill level and make friends with others who are interested in the sport.

Certain areas of North America are traditionally known for the sport of lacrosse being played in a region, but lacrosse is no longer limited to the specific areas of the country that have some of the most successful teams. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Denver, Colorado has been one of the most successful in teaching the next generation of lacrosse players the intricacies of the game, with much of the coaching completed by members of the successful Denver Outlaws lacrosse team.

With a budding presence on the music scene, Urbana released 4 singles this month and plans to continue making music as time permits. His Soundcloud artist page also has a few more songs that aren’t present on MTV.

Learning to play lacrosse can have a number of benefits for any young person, which range from coordination skills to problem solving. Lacrosse is a team sport and by learning to act as an important cog in a larger machine a player can develop skills that can be transferred into everyday life. These skills also include grassroots fundraising, which earned Urbana and the camp some recent media attention surrounding a fundraiser the group of campers are supporting through a nationwide campaign to raise money for Earth Force.

Jon Urbana and his team at Next Level are hoping to assist in the development of leadership skills amongst the young people who pass through the camp, which will lead to impressive members of society appearing in the world over the coming years.

Bernardo Chua Founded His Company Around A Product He Loves

Bernardo Chua cares about where he is going with his career. He spent many years as a businessman before starting off with his own business, and everything that he’s done all along has always been to better himself. He learned a lot through the years that he spent working for other businesses, and now he has been able to apply what he has learned to his own business.  His resume is proof positive of what Chua has done, and why it matters that he’s so interested in this project.

Bernardo Chua’s company is all about a product that he loves. He felt the need to start up the company so that the world could hear about the Chinese herb that he loved so much, and so that everyone could start using it for all of the health benefits that it can give to them, and he is happy to be doing that now. Many people who have tried the products put out by Bernardo Chua’s company have come to love them. He is doing a great thing in getting the Chinese herb known, and he was smart to start out his company by selling something that he feels so good about.

There are many businessmen who are just in things for the money, but Bernardo Chua is not one of them, as his blog shows. He cares about so much more than that, and that is what makes him so special. He has always been wanting to do things right in his career for more than a bump in his salary, and when people realize that they should be inspired to do the same. They should try to be more like Bernardo Chua and work ambitiously for more than money. They should be learning all that they can, and they should be doing the things that they love the most. Bernardo Chua formed his company around a product that he loved, and that has worked out well, and everyday you can just see the joy he feels for his job on Twitter.